The Kindness Pledge

"I pledge to myself, on this day to try to be kind in every way, to every person, big & small.  I will help them if they fall.  When I love myself and others too, that is the best I can do!" ~ Third Street Learning Center

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Wanted:  Wooden Toy Maker who makes toys with each order.  We would like to create our own product line, but we need your talents and time to make it happen.
or call 610-530-2229
or call (610) 530-2229


We had a recent suggestion for our website to display our "About" page at the top of our menu.  This great suggestion has created a pokadots Fall theme that is fun and filled with our clear educational direction to prepare our preschool children for Kindergarten.  Click the pokadot logo to read more...

  • Back to School is the best time for warm, heartwarming dinners together.  Even if it's one consistently planned day of the week or every night or day.  We have put together a " Bee Kindergarten Ready" educational module continuing our My Picky Eater! theme, with step by step curriculum topics to enhance your child's learning environment.  Don't forget, for a preschool child the world is their classroom!  Date will be announced......


It's not the ending of a hot, sunny summer filled with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, red light/green light, swimming and picnics, but the beginning of a new school year learning how to use these same tools and skills in a more meaningful way that will bring purpose in their emerging knowledge.  So, don't put those bubbles & chalk away yet!  Changing of temperature, changing of leaves, falling leaves from your tree study is all connective if we are creative with our curriculum planning.  Call to find out more about our specialized curriculum tutoring and how we can make your day easier.

All in four different colors and reusable!             
Manufactures Non-Toxic Notes:
Dear Customers,
"More and more research is coming to light regarding toxins (BPA (Bisphenol-A), phthalates, and lead) and how detrimental they are on human development, especially in young children.

We are happy to say that our silicone products are free of these toxins. Giving parents the confidence to know that the only thing going into little bellies are the healthy and nutritious meals made for them, and nothing else."


Click the "Cat Meow" bag for a free consultation to prepare and implement your own Emergency Plan.


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